The View From Near Cemetery Ridge


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For a historical summary of the Bonin Islands, more photos and links visit Dr. John Wick's site.

A complete account of George Bush's harrowing experience during WW II.

Magazine Articles

Although not web links, the following publications contain interesting articles and photos regarding Chichi Jima and history of the Bonin Islands.

National Geographic Magazine, October, 1944, "Springboards to Tokyo" is an account of U.S. military progress in this region during WW II. Also contains early historical information and some seldom seen early photos.

American Heritage, February, 1968, "The Bonins - Isles of Contention" is a comprehensive historical account of the islands with photos (one of which is a nice aerial view of Chichi Jima) and early water color paintings depicting Island scenes and activities.

National Geographic Magazine, July, 1968, "The Bonins and Iwo Jima Go Back To Japan" covers the story of reversion to Japanese possession along with the usual excellent Geographic photos.